Independent Investigation Services

20:20 Mediation offers independent Investigation Services that are confidential and impartial.

With a background in undertaking complaints and workplace performance management investigations within the public sector, 20:20 Mediation has both the expertise and the experience to deliver a service that is truly independent.

Whether you are a small, medium or large business, issues within the workplace can be common.  However, when those issues are related to performance, bullying or harassment, dealing with such problems internally can be challenging.

Workplace investigations are time consuming for managers and the HR provider leading to increased costs, reduced staff efficiency and delays in achieving an outcome.

20:20 Mediation offers you a responsive, cost effective and time efficient solution to the problem through our independent Investigation Services.

20:20 Mediation offers a:

  • Service that is in alignment with your policies and procedures
  • Professional approach conducted within agreed timescales
  • Interviews with all relevant parties with signed statements
  • Review of supplementary information such as records, policies, training etc.
  • Investigators Log of Activity
  • Investigation Report including findings, evidence based conclusions and objective recommendations