Conflict Resolution Training

Conflict Resolution Training

Workplace Conflict – workshops and training

20:20 Mediation offers training for the workplace in Conflict Resolution.  Disputes within the workplace can be costly in terms of time, sickness and loss of productivity.

With a background in workforce performance management within the public sector, 20:20 Mediation has both the expertise and the experience to deliver training and workshop packages that are relevant to your workplace.

Training is vital to developing and supporting managers, enabling them to positively deal with workplace issues as they arise.  By addressing issues at the earliest opportunity individuals, teams and businesses alike benefit from clear communications, resolution of disputes and continued positive relationships within the workplace.

20:20 Mediation offers:

  • A service that is in alignment with your policies and procedures
  • A professional approach
  • Bespoke training content
  • Practical solutions to managing workplace conflict including Mediation

Mediation Skills – workshops and training

Mediation in the workplace is a cost effective and time efficient approach to managing and resolving disputes.    Ensure your managers and those within the HR Department have the opportunity to learn the skills of mediation or to refresh those already gained.

20:20 Mediation can deliver workshops that fit in with your busy schedule ensuring that you are always ready to mediate.

Responding to Customer Complaints – workshops and training

Customer complaints, if left unresolved, can be costly and damaging to the company’s reputation.  Positive outcomes and increased customer satisfaction can be achieved by addressing issues early using clear complaints procedures and an informal approach.  When complaints are handled well, customers can become a positive asset to the marketing of your business.

20:20 Mediation offers businesses the benefit of a fresh look at addressing, responding to and learning from customer complaints through workshops and training that can be tailored to meet your business needs.